Overview: Andisil® Specialty Silicone Fluids

Andisil® Specialty Silicone Fluids for personal care are a collection of hydride and fluoro substituted silicones particularly useful for pigment treatments for imparting hydrophobicity and lipophobicity (fluoro).

Specialty Silicone Fluid Product Line & Specifications*
Product INCI Name Viscosity Hydride (mmole/gram) Refractive Index
Andisil® FS 105 Trifluoropropyl Dimethicone 100 cSt -- 1.400
Andisil® FSXL 4505 Hydrogen Trifluoropropyl Dimethicone 450 cSt 0.48 1.401
Andisil® XL 11 Hydrogen Dimethicone 35 cSt 4.45 1.402
Andisil® MH30 Methicone 30 cSt----
*These properties are not intended to be used as specifications but only as suggested characteristics


  • Sun Care
  • Color Cosmetics


  • Oil repellency
  • Suitable For Pigment Coatings
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