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AB SPECIALTY SILICONES will continue to showcase new PEG-Free silicone emulsifier product line at California Suppliers’ Day in October
After its launch at the NYSCC in May, AB Specialty Silicones will continue to showcase their new line of PEG-Free Emulsifiers at California Suppliers’ Day in October. Due to its high performance, this innovative technology could replace the current industry standard by producing both easy to use stable emulsions that comply with international regulations as well as market driven environmental safety initiatives. The product line includes both cyclic and cyclic free versions that can be used to improve formulations. These PEG-Free emulsifiers offer many benefits for improving sensory properties and giving products a light feel. This product line is suitable for skin and hair care applications with compatible options for both W/O and W/S emulsions.

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AB Specialty Silicones is a US Manufacturer and Worldwide Distributor of specialty silicone chemicals. With customer focus at the forefront, our goal is to be the one source for all of your silicone raw material needs – providing the highest quality materials, service and technical expertise available.

AB Specialty Silicones offers the personal care marketplace an extensive line of silicone based ingredients as well as the ability to custom formulate raw materials and blends to specifically suit your needs. Read More...