custom silicone ingredients

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Blending & Synthesis. Formulation Assistance.

We are committed to working with customers to provide customization – both blending and synthesis as well as formulation assistance.

Why Choose AB?

  • Silicones formulated to suit your needs
  • Specialty silicone product line inspired by current market trends
  • Custom blending capabilities offering ease of formulation and cost reduction
  • Full range of cyclics, cyclic blends, dimethicones, and volatile linear fluids for the formulator
  • Top quality service from synthesis to delivery
  • US Manufacturer & Illinois-based warehousing resulting in minimal lead times

    Custom Blending

  • Cyclosiloxane mixtures
  • Customize gum %, carrier fluid and silicone content
  • Mixtures of low molecular weight (volatile or non-volatile) silicones and very high molecular weight silicones
  • Customize volatility, refractive index, feel and shine
  • We can work with contract packagers to add (match) fragrance and value-add ingredients: Natural oils (e.g., Argan), UV absorbers, etc.